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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Pregnant Women in Women-only and Mixed-gender Substance Abuse Treatment Programs: A Comparison of Client Characteristics and Program Services
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This study compared characteristics of pregnant women treated in women-only (WO) and mixed-gender (MG) substance abuse treatment programs and compared services provided by these two types of programs. Participants were 407 pregnant women who were admitted to 7 WO programs and 29 MG programs in 13 counties across California during 2000–2002. Pregnant women treated in WO programs demonstrated greater severity in drug use, legal problems, and psychiatric problems than those treated in the MG programs. They were also less likely to be employed and more likely to be homeless. Women-only programs were more likely to offer child care, children’s psychological services, and HIV testing. The greater problem severity of pregnant women treated in WO programs suggests that these specialized services are filling an important gap in addiction services, although further expansion is warranted in psychiatric, legal, and employment services. (Authors)
Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research: 33(4)431-442