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Leading housing scholars and practitioners provide a comprehensive, up-to-date description and analysis of housing and community development policy as they examine one of America's largest and most important cities.

Throughout the nation's history, New York City has been at the forefront of housing policy creativity and innovation. As the federal government's role in social policy continues to shrink and authority devolves to local governments, the focus in urban policy turns to America's cities. New York City's experience provides useful lessons for other municipalities on both the opportunities and pitfalls for government intervention in the housing market.

Housing and Community Development in New York City comprehensively explores a full range of policy issues including the analysis of current housing problems and demographics; examination of federally supported housing assistance programs such as public housing and Section 8; scrutiny of the City's response to homelessness and the abandonment of private sector housing; and a look at New York's innovative program to rebuild neighborhoods with public-private partnerships. (Editor)
Book Chapter
Housing and Community Development in New York City: Facing the Future.
Albany, NY