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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
HRC Webcast Presentations
This page includes archived presentation materials from past SAMHSA/Homelessness Resource Center webcasts.

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Kristen Paquette from Needham |  Elizabeth Jenkins from Reston |  Chandria Jones from Rockville |  Hamin Dawan from Atlanta |  Karen Hom from Eatonville |  Nicole Escoe from Detroit |  Bernadette Patin from New Orleans |  Judy Goldberg from Memphis |  Sharon Willman from Spring Hill |  Barbara Conrad from Freeport |  Lien Nguyen from Westminster |  Kenneth Rhodes from Milwaukee |  Craig Roady from Prescott |  Gina Wolery from Arlington |  Carla Brewer from Kansas City |  Justine Hanson from Boston |  Leslie Bojko from Waterbury |  Sherrie Christy from Yreka |  theresa paruszkiewicz from detroit |  Ed Hughes from Austell |  Royce Adams from Dallas |  Stephanie Fears from Rockville |  Rebecca Ruston from Portland |  Sue Ellen Turner from Phoenix |  Kathleen Gruenhagen from Dahlonega |  Kristy Sandoval from San Diego |  James Carlson from Phoenix |  Terry Scott from Los Angeles |  Linda Donovan from Little Rock |  Lauren Lara from Camarillo |  Richard Rouanzion from Knoxville |  Marjorie Johnson from Seattle |  Anthony McDuffie from Detroit |  Marc Gordon from Indianapolis |  Elisa Lewis from Oakland |  Kevin Mehnert from Mt. Pocono |  Krystle F. Nickles from Baltimore |  Amber Guthrie from Bel Air |  Jerry Wills from Wichita |  Miles Holmes from London |  terrie fletcher from Oakland |  Christine Jacobsen from Kalamazoo |  Wade Colson from Kansas City |  Katie Black from Blue Hill |  Alissa Anaya from ironton |  katie micheal from Glen Ridge |  Carolyn Fish from St. Catharines |  Pilos Flip from Fort Washington |  Marge Tully from Olympia |  Robert Mertin from California |  tapiado fran from madrid |  Austin Harper from Colleyville |  Patricia Francis from |  doma doma from Boon | 

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