Co-Occurring Disorders Initiative (CODI)
2/10/2016 5:02 PM


The Co-Occurring Disorders Initiative (CODI) is a 5 year program that was launched in October 2009. CODI builds off the efforts of SAMHSA’s former Co-Occurring Center of Excellence (COCE) that concluded in March 2009.

COCE developed a range of products to support and enhance the provision of technical assistance and training services. These products are listed and described below. To view the actual products available under each category, click on the category name:

  • Overview Papers – These brief, user-friendly papers address key topics for addressing co-occurring disorders.
  • COD Presentations – The COCE TA process frequently included the development of PowerPoint presentations from experts in the field on a range of key topics on co-occurring disorders.
  • Fact Sheets – These brief informational products were generated to address topics of timely interest.
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