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Alberta Homelessness Research Consortium (AHRC)

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Adopted by the Government of Alberta in 2008, A Plan for Alberta: Ending Homelessness in Ten Years represents a conceptual shift in Alberta’s approach to homelessness, and articulates a fundamental transition in how provincial homeless-serving systems function.  The AHRC was established to support the Plan, by growing our collective body of knowledge about how to end homelessness in Alberta.

Established in 2010, the AHRC supports the objectives and strategies within A Plan for Alberta by strengthening research capacity, informing policy development, and sharing best practices for ending homelessness.  It is a forum to facilitate collaboration and partnerships among peers and colleagues across Alberta who work in diverse fields, but share a commitment to better understand and end homelessness.


The AHRC builds provincial capacity to co-ordinate and conduct research that supports the objective of ending homelessness in Alberta.

Areas of Focus
  • Develop a practice- and policy-relevant provincial research agenda that is anchored to local priorities, and geared to ending homelessness in Alberta.
  • Build trans-disciplinary and cross-sectoral research capacity.
  • Identify gaps in the current body of knowledge about how to effectively end homelessness in Alberta.
  • Foster knowledge exchange within and between research, practice, and policy communities.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration among community, post-secondary, and government researchers who share a commitment to better understand and end homelessness.
  • Mobilize research to support policy and practice decisions that will contribute to ending homelessness in Alberta. 
  • Build linkages to national and international networks.
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