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The Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN) is dedicated to ending homelessness by improving the impact homelessness research has on policy and practice.

The establishment of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN) brings together top researchers on homelessness in Canada. Working in collaboration with a range of key stakeholders and institutions (in the non-profit sector and in government), this group is committed to enhancing the impact of research on the homelessness crisis. That is, our focus is on establishing effective mechanisms for knowledge exchange and mobilization in the area of homelessness research in Canada.

The CHRN is housed at York University, Toronto, and supports the work of regional networks across Canada as well as clusters focused on topical issues (Street youth, Income and Employment, Justice Issues, Aboriginal homelessness, Women and homelessness). Our activities, focusing on education, networking and knowledge mobilization, provide a national and international forum for sharing and collaboration between researchers, service providers, and policy and program developers, in order to explore the links between research and action, and to move towards effective long-term solutions to homelessness. This project raises the profile of homelessness research in Canada, showing that research can and should inform decisions, and contribute to solutions to homelessness.

Principle Investigator
Stephen Gaetz, York University


Shylah Elliott, Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women Council

Northwest Territories
Arlene Hache, Yellowknife Women's Centre

British Columbia
Anita Palepu, University of British Columbia
Bernie Pauly, University of Victoria
Jim Frankish, University of British Columbia
Margaret Eberle, University of British Columbia

Anita Friesen, Province of Alberta
Alina Tanasescu, Calgary Homeless Foundation
Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, University of Calgary
John Graham, University of Calgary
Katharina Kovacs Burns, University of Alberta
Yale Belanger, University of Lethbridge

Hirsch Greenberg, University of Regina

Catherine Charette, University of Winnipeg
Jino Distasio, University of Winnipeg

Alice Broughton, City of Toronto
Bill O'Grady, University of Guelph
Bradley Harris, Salvation Army
Cheryl Forchuk , University of Western Ontario
David Hulchanski, University of Toronto
Harvey Low, City of Toronto
Isolde Daiski, York University
Janet Mosher, York University
Laural Raine, City of Toronto
Michael Shapcott, Wellesley Institute
Peter Menzies, University of Toronto
Roger Keil, York University
Stephen Hwang, University of Toronto
Tim Aubry, University of Ottawa
Uzo Anucha , York University
Val Preston, York University

Celine Bellot, Universite de Montreal a Quebec
Roch Hurtubise, University de Sherbrooke
Shirley Roy, Universite de Montreal a Quebec

Maritime Provinces
Dianne Mccormack, University of New Brunswick
Jeff Karabanow, Dalhousie University
Sheldon Pollett, Choices for Youth

Bruce Pearce, Canadian Housing Renewal Association
Carolann Barr, Raising the Roof
Charlie Hill, National Aboriginal Housing Association

Project Coordinator
Allyson Marsolais, York University


The CHRN’s model of partnership places us in the middle, with linkages to regional, national and topical research clusters as well as collaborations with a range of institutions that deal with issue of homelessness, but perhaps do not focus narrowly on research. As the project grows, we will seek to add new and promising partners and collaborations regionally, nationally and internationally.

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