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Community Action on Homelessness

Community Action on Homelessness (CAH) is a project of the North End Community Health Centre. In a shared delivery model with Service Canada, CAH has been administering the Federal Homelessness funding for the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) since 1999.

As an inclusive community organization, CAH encourages participation from a broad range of stakeholders and works in partnership with community to advance solutions that address all aspects of homelessness in HRM.

The work of CAH is guided by a Steering Committee that develops, in consultation with the broader community, the “Halifax Community Plan”.   This plan sets the strategic direction for each two-year funding period, and defines the Requests for Proposals.   The CAH Steering Committee is made up of a diverse group of shelter and service providers, federal and provincial government representatives, the faith community, and people with first hand experience of homelessness.

Visit the Community Action on Homelessness website.

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