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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Center for Mental Health Services Knowledge Application Program

The SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services - Knowledge Application Program (CMHS/KAP) is dedicated to supporting product development and dissemination for the Division of Services and Systems Improvement (DSSI) Homeless Programs Branch and Community Support Programs Branch through providing innovative use of media and marketing that will advance the adoption of evidenced -based and promising practices in servicing persons with mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders.

The KAP approach integrates science-based health communications, social marketing, and knowledge transfer activities into an evidence-based dissemination practice which includes:

  • Developing a culturally competent Knowledge Transfer Model based on proven dissemination principles and practices
  • Developing products and processes to present research findings, best practices, and promising practices to the field
  • Using partnerships with organizations as an effective service practice and as a strategy in creating effective distribution channels.

See KAP Resources below to experience innovative learning tools and become aware of effective knowledge transfer processes.

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