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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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The goal of a state CoC is to develop strategies to coordinate homeless assistance programs in areas not covered by other Continuums. States and participating localities must come up with efficient organizational structures that allow participatory involvement in all aspects of the CoC process, from forming local planning groups, to soliciting applications to setting priorities. In addition, the local/state partnerships need to find ways to assemble data on the housing and service needs of homeless people in what are often non-contiguous parts of the state. Finally, for states that are using this process to address the fact that the needs and resources of rural areas may be different from those of metropolitan areas or even of more populous non-metropolitan areas. This brochure provides an introduction to the particular challenges facing states implementing a Continuum of Care (CoC) approach and offers examples of how some states have successfully addressed these challenges. (Authors)
Washington, D.C.