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The Dartmouth Assessment of Lifestyle Instrument (DALI) is an 18-item questionnaire which contains 2 scales: one for assessing current alcohol use disorders and the second for assessing drug (i.e., marijuana and cocaine) use disorders in people with severe mental illnesses. (Author)
The nine alcohol questions are summed and possible scores range from-4 to +6. Anyone scoring 2 or higher on the alcohol scale is at highrisk for having a current alcohol use disorder (a diagnosis of abuse ordependence). The 8 questions which comprise the drug scale yieldpossible scores of +4 to -4. People scoring above -1 on this scale areat high risk for cannabis and/or cocaine use disorders.The instrument as administered also contains 3 non-scored questions (2-4) used to establish the frame for the interview. Because the DALI contains such a small number of items, this scale issensitive to missing data. For this reason, the DALI's accuracy isimproved by providing a correction value for all items to which thesubject does not respond in a scorable manner (e.g., "I don't know" or"I don't want to answer that."). Because of the brevity of the instrument, most people will answer all the questions and the correction values will not be needed. (Author)
New Hampshire
Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center
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