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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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Providing supportive services in people’s homes is uniquely different from delivering other communitybased services. For many individuals who have been homeless and/or who have special needs or disabilities,affordable housing combined with supportive services has proven to be the link to stability and an enhanced quality of life. Developing the “Support” in Supportive Housing provides information about shaping and delivering services to meet the particular challenges of delivering supportive services in people’s homes. A hallmark of supportive housing is the ability to adapt services to meet the various needs of tenants. This guide was informed by CUCS’ twenty years of experience in delivering services in housing settings and our work with hundreds of supportive housing organizations throughout the nation through our training and consultation program. The guide focuses on strategies to maximize residential stability, quality of life, choice, and independence among tenants. The principles and practices discussed are meant to be applicable to a variety of settings and supportive housing models. The guide is intended as a resource for new and experienced staff members and for program development efforts. Each of the eight chapters of Developing the “Support” in Supportive Housing addresses a topic central to the design and delivery of supportive services in permanent housing for single individuals. Additional information such as resources and readings is listed in appendixes at the ends of most chapters. We have also included a glossary of terms at the end of the guide. (Authors)
New York, NY