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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Documenting Employment Results Teleconference
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The focus of this audio lecture is on what works in employment services. It examines what is known about successful employment programs and discuss how these results are quantified and replicated. It does not focus on the specific steps necessary to help a person who is homeless become job ready. For more information on that topic you can go to HUD’s Homelessness Resource Exchange at (Authors)
The Department of Housing and Urban Development has developed a series of training products addressing the employment needs of individuals who are homeless.  These include a toolkit on Financing Employment Services, a guidebook on Coordinating Community Plans, a guidebook on Creating Community Employment Pathways, and a series of nine audio lectures.  The lectures are intended for providers and offer tips on outreach, engagement, working with the employment system, and more.  The link to the audio lectures is All of these products are available on the HUD Homelessness Resource Exchange. (Authors) 
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