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Emergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Battered Women's Shelters Data Collection Project 12th Annual Report
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This is the thirteenth annual report about the use of emergency shelters, transitional housing, and battered women’s shelters in Ramsey County. Emergency shelters and transitional housing programs participate in the project by providing client-level data that allows us to unduplicate the number of people served, track returns to shelter and total nights in shelter, and examine the flow between emergency shelter and transitional housing. Battered women’s shelters provide counts of persons served and limited demographic information.

The most notable change affecting the information reported here is the conversion of Catholic Charities’ 150 bed Dorothy Day program from a winter only shelter to a year-round shelter in 2003. Dorothy Day primarily serves adult men without children. This added capacity appears to have met a demand, as reflected in the increases in numbers using emergency shelter this year. (Authors)
Wilder Research Center
St. Paul, MN