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The "Street Outreach" video series is designed to equip homeless service providers with skills and knowledge to do their jobs well. Rather than talking theoretically about skills and knowledge, these training videos show providers practicing them in real world settings. (Authors)

Jeff and Tina come back to the same street corner a few days later. The man tells them that his friend call him "L.D." Tina notices an open beer bottle next to L.D., and has some concern that he is under the influence. L.D., though, is much more open and talkative than he had been on the last visit. They also see that he has a bandage on his arm. Jeff and Tina tell L.D. about the free medical clinic. Tina offers him food and water. Jeff offers to bring out a new sleeping bag because L.D.'s had been stolen. Again, the encounter is brief, but the outreach team has more rapport than they did previously.

Please see the Street Outreach Video Discussion Guide for discussion questions, activities, and links to the other episodes in this series.




To download this video, right-click on the following link and save it to your computer:
PATH Street Outreach, Episode 2 (format: wmv - Windows Media Video, size: 52MB)

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