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This is a revised edition of a valuable collection of over 80 learned articles, personal perspectives, and commentaries designed to shed light on the most common mental disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, alcohol or drug misuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders in the hope of dispelling some of the stigma which attaches to them. It has been produced as part of the Royal College of Psychiatrists anti-stigma campaign, 'Changing Minds' and covers issues including:
- The history and stigmatisation of the mentally ill
- People's perceptions of the mentally 'ill' and experiences of users and carers
- Self-inflictions, social adaptation or biological destiny?
- Models of psychopathology and their relationship to stigmatisation
- Creativity, spirituality and mental disorder
- Strategies to tackle stigmatisation and discrimination.

Chapters and Authors:
1. Is mental illness inevitably stigmatizing? (Roy Porter)
2. Cultural and natural aspects of stigmatization (Roland Littlewood)
3. The Royal College of Psychiatrists' survey of public opinions about mentally ill people (Michael Gelder)
4. Living with anxiety: Social phobia-- my story (David Taylor)
5. Living with depression (Hugo Jacobs)
6. Living with manic depression: Personal perspectives from a psychologist (Kay Redgield Jamison)
-Comment on Chapter 6 (Tom Burns)
7. A psychiatrist lives with bipolar affective disorder (Rosemary Lethem)
8. A blot on the landscape (Richard Jameson)
9. Living with schizophrenia (Janey Antoniou)
10. Stigmatisation of dementia (Barbara Pointon)
(RSM Press)
London, UK