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Over the past 20 years, the number of shelter beds and the amount of money spent on homelessness in Chicago has increased significantly. Unfortunately, so has the number of individuals and families who become homeless. The Chicago Continuum of Care – an inclusive network of over 200 public and private organizations and individuals concerned with homelessness in Chicago – has come together to create a plan to end homelessness in the next ten years.

This is no small task. Our success hinges upon our ability to mobilize, re-deploy, expand, and
coordinate our financial and human resources, with the recognition that it will truly take all of us to end homelessness in Chicago.

Getting Housed, Staying Housed: A Collaborative Plan to End Homelessness outlines, in broad
strokes, the philosophy that will guide our efforts, the fundamental components of the approach we will take, and three strategic initiatives, which will organize our actions over the next five years. (Authors)
Chicago Continum of Care
Chicago, IL