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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Homelessness: HUD Funds Eligible Projects According to Communities' Priorities
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Most applicants generally understand the application and paperwork requirements necessary to compete for HUD grants. However, more than one-third of the communities that applied for funds in 1999 had significant problems in understanding the application requirements or completing the paperwork. Representatives of these communities cited a variety of difficulties in completing the application requirements and in getting information from HUD field office staff about the program and these requirements. For example, some communities reported difficulties caused by the time-consuming and resource-intensive paperwork requirements and the lack of clear instructions and definitions, as well as difficulty in understanding HUD’s selection process. Community representatives we spoke with suggested a number of actions that HUD could take to alleviate the problems they experienced, such as better training for applicants and field office staff, more use of technology to provide access to information, and a simpler application format. (Author)
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