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The monograph is organized into six chapters. Chapter 1 describes the interviews; the characteristics of the women in the study; the impact of trauma across the life span; and considerations for recovery and healing. Chapter 2 introduces the ten women whose voices are presented in this monograph. Chapter 3, entitled “Why Now? Moments of Transformation,” captures the essence of the moment of transformation; when women decide to live, and not to stagnate or die. Chapter 4, entitled “What Made a Difference: Resources for Sustaining Wellness,” describes the resources and supports women say they need to sustain the positive changes they make in their lives. Chapter 5, “Challenges to Recovery,” presents the common struggles and pitfalls of recovery, including the intergenerational effects of trauma and provider and system barriers. The final chapter challenges us to develop communities and systems of care that truly support the many pathways to recovery. (Authors)
Rockville, MD