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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Life-course Theory of Readmission of Substance Abusers Among Homeless Veterans
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This study examined outcomes of 310 female and 315 male homeless veterans who were admitted to a Department of Veterans Affairs inpatient program for dual diagnoses of a substance use disorder and another mental illness. Participants were surveyed to determine gender differences for types of transforming experiences and for types of abuse as predictors of readmission within two years. Predictors were selected primarily from life-course theory and were analyzed with Cox's proportional hazards model. Transforming experiences, such as enhanced ego identity and spiritual well-being, attenuated the effects of childhood abuses, combat exposure, and depression for both genders. Transforming experiences also reduced the risk of readmission that was associated with aggression for men and abuse that occurred either in the military or recently for women. (Author)
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