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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Locked Out 2004: California's Affordable Housing Crisis
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This report discusses California's continued lack of housing that is affordable, even for middle-income families. According to the authors, workers face long commutes between housing they can afford and their jobs, and the high cost of housing leaves families with less income to spend on other necessities. This report found that while renters faced the greatest affordability challenges, high housing costs had pushed homeownership out of reach for many families. The authors assert that as housing costs rose, some families could only afford to live in overcrowded or substandard housing, many families struggled to leave welfare for work, and households across a broad array of age groups and ethnic and racial backgrounds faced significant cost burdens. The report calls for an increased federal commitment to affordable housing in California, more effective use of existing resources for state housing, and increased state support for housing. (Authors)
Sacramento, CA