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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Longitudinal Outcome of Young Adults Who Participated in a Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation Program
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While the beneficial effects of psychiatric rehabilitation services on employment and other outcomes have been documented, there are few studies that have examined the long-range outcomes associated with these interventions. Such studies have been advocated and are becoming more urgent in the climate of managed care. Data on the long-term effectiveness of psychiatric rehabilitation are necessary for advocating for inclusion of psychiatric rehabilitation into managed care funded services. Longitudinal data on the vocational outcomes and recovery for this population are emerging. This study contributes to the developing picture of the long-range outcomes of disability and rehabilitation by providing 5-year follow-up data for a group of young adults who participated in a vocationally oriented rehabilitation program conducted by the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Longitudinal outcomes for work, education, hospitalization rates, and self-esteem are described below. Additional data on work and quality of life are presented (Authors).