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National Policy and Advocacy Council On Homelessness (NPACH)
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The National Policy and Advocacy Council on Homelessness (NPACH) is a national grassroots organization whose primary concern is to ensure that national homelessness policy accurately reflects the needs of local communities. NPACH works to accomplish its mission through:

* Education. By informing the public and policymakers on the causes and consequences of homelessness, we can create the will to bring about real change.

* Grassroots organizing. By uniting a broad base of antipoverty organizations, we can form a powerful coalition that is heard across America.

* Research. Our staff joins with local, state, and national organizations to study the impact of federal legislation and policy on local communities.

* Technical assistance. NPACH is dedicated to helping local groups and service providers as they seek to access funding for their programs. We also assist advocacy groups in the process of building strong local coalitions which can better serve their homeless populations. (NPACH)
Washington, D.C.