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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Social Service Needs and Case Management Implications for Individuals Accessing a Faith-Based Suburban Homeless Shelter
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The purpose of this study was to identify social service needs and case management implications for homeless and marginally housed individuals accessing services at a suburban faith-based agency. The overall goal for the study was to provide data from the perspectives and experiences of clients that could be used to develop and/or revise services to more fully facilitate clients' movement toward self-sufficiency. The study used an exploratory qualitative design. Study participants consisted of 38 men and women currently using agency services who participated in one of four focus group sessions. Thematic analysis of the content of the audiotapes of the group sessions revealed that the overarching issue for participants was the ability to obtain and maintain employment. Related to this issue were six themes: job readiness and support; self-esteem issues; substance use and treatment; communications; women's issues; and transportation. Based on these client-generated themes, a multi-level case management program is presented. (Authors)