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Spotlight: Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)
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Collecting and storing information about consumers can be a daunting and cumbersome task. Contrary to programs that have unique data tracking systems, programs funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), utilize Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS). This spotlight provides background about HMIS and highlights the work of PATH Providers in Idaho, New Jersey, and Hamilton County, Ohio. (Authors)
Over the years, HMIS implementation has matured to include local, state, and nationally funded programs that are not HUD funded and are not required to enter their data in HMIS. These programs choose to use HMIS to coordinate services, enhance community planning efforts, and maximize data collection and reporting. Communities find that using HMIS to coordinate the managed care system benefits clients, homeless service providers, and homeless planning efforts. By participating in HMIS, programs ensure their service populations are represented in the community homeless planning process. Additionally, data from HMIS informs resource allocation from Congress.

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