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The new fifth edition of The Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services: The Journey Continues continues the journey towards cultural competence in healthcare delivery and becoming a culturally competent healthcare professional by introducing the reader to new and updated content in transcultural health care including culturally sensitive medication assessment tools; a student version of the IAPCC-R© (IAPCC-SV©) (link); tips for conducting a melanocentric physical assessment; exploring Chapman’s (2005) concepts of “Sacred Encounter,” “Servant’s Heart” and “Radical Loving Care” as they apply to becoming culturally competent; effectively managing cross-cultural conflicts with compassion; and incorporating the concepts of sacrifice, social justice, lethal “isms,” linguistic competence, health literacy, and non face-to-face cross-cultural encounters into the model's constructs of cultural awareness, cultural desire, cultural skill, cultural encounters and cultural knowledge. (Author)
Cincinnati, OH