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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Welfare Reform: Early Fiscal Effects of the TANF Block Grant
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This report is part of a series of GAO work reviewing the implementation of federal welfare reform. In this report, we focus on the fiscal aspects of welfare reform. You asked us to review states’ fiscal decisions for the TANF block grant and to address whether states are taking steps now to prepare for the effects of future economic downturns on their welfare programs. Specifically, you asked us to report on (1) how state budgetary resources, including federal aid, have been allocated since states have had access to TANF funds, (2) what plans states are making to assure programmatic stability in times of fiscal and economic stress, and (3) the extent to which states have used, or plan to use, the program’s federal Contingency Fund and the Loan Fund which are available for downturns or other emergencies affecting states. (Authors)
Washington, D.C.