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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Developing Integrated Services for Women With Co-occurring Disorders and Trauma Histories: Lessons From the SAMHSA Women With Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Disorders who have Histories of Violence Study
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Data for this report was collected through the WCDVS cross-site process evaluation. For each of the five years of the study, evaluators from the WCDVS Coordinating Center made site visits to each of the study sites, and held meetings with project stakeholders, including project leaders, project staff members, C/S/Rs involved in the project, consumers receiving services through the project, front-line service providers, and staff from the network of organizations who did not receive grant money directly but were involved in the project. Information from these sessions was collected by means of site visitors' notes, and by audio tape for some consumer sessions. These materials were summarized in annual reports and other project products. (Authors)
Delmar, NY