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This study looked at the population of homeless women and the over representation of veterans amongst this population.
This study estimated the proportion of veterans among homeless women and their risk of homelessness relative to that of nonveterans.

Methods. Data came from 2 surveys of homeless women (1 clinical and 1 nonclinical) and 1 survey of domiciled women.

Results. The proportion of veterans (4.4%, 3.1%) among homeless women was greater than the proportion among domiciled women (1.3%, 1.2%). When we computed odds ratios for being a veteran among homeless women compared with nonhomeless women, homeless women were significantly more likely than nonhomeless women to be veterans.

Conclusions. Women veterans are at greater risk for homelessness than are nonveterans. Further study is needed to determine whether increased risks for veterans are a product of military service or reflect volunteers’ self-selection into the armed forces. (Authors)