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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Image of user Stephen W. Hwang
Stephen W. Hwang   
Toronto, ON
Associate Professor
University of Toronto/ St.Michael's Hospital

Role:  Researcher, Researcher

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Organization/University: University of Toronto/ St.Michael's Hospital
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Centre for Research on Inner City Health

Research Interests: 
homelessness and health, marginalized populations, urban health, health services research

Current Research Projects: 
A study of predictors of health care utilization in a representative sample of 1,200 homeless men, women, and families in Toronto, a study of the barriers to the management of chronic pain among homeless people, and an evaluation of the effects of a supportive housing program on health and health care utilization among homeless and hard-to-house individuals.

Methodological Expertise: 
Epidemiologic studies, health services research, and longitudinal cohort studies.

Homelessness is a current research interest?:  - Yes