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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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gloria prater   
Merrimac, MA
gp and associates

Role:  Advocate
Area of Work:  Housing, Health, Mental Health, Substance Use, Outreach, Trauma, Employment, Children, Families, Veterans, Other
Focus of Work:  Local, State

Hello my name is gloria I am a person with a disability who has worked in housing and I have also been a consumer of housing. I once worked as a Tech Nurse in Cardiac Care Unit; a Case Manager/Housing Advocate for the Independent Living Center of Salem, MA. I returen to college recieved a degree in Legal Administration...and work for Lawyers. By integrating my life; school and work experience I have been able to help many persons who are homeless.

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Organization/University: gp and associates

Homelessness is a current research interest?:  - Unknown