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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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Versandra Kennebrew   
Detroit, MI

Role:  Direct Service Provider, Advocate
Area of Work:  Health, Outreach, Other
Focus of Work:  National

I'm a homeless success story. Five years ago I was unemployed, my massage business had failed and depression and hopelessness had set in. I had experienced a second mis-carriage and a third divorce, my self-esteem was gone. After thoughts of suicide made me cry out for psychological help, I found out about a transitional housing program that would get me out of the hotel I had lived in for a year and assist me on the path to life recovery. Because of "the shelter," I am now a successful business owner, speaker and author of "Thank God for the Shelter - Memoirs of a hmeless healer." My book is a resource used by shelter support organizations across the country to assist men in women in transition.