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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Image of user John Carter
John Carter   
Bangalore, AR
E Packers and Movers
e Packers and Movers

Role:  Program Manager
Area of Work:  Trauma
Focus of Work:  Local

I am a writer from India for and have experience for writing blog on packers and movers service in India i have written for many site such as: ow can make your relocation easy and convenient. except I am a Light Worker. A Child of the Sun.I am many things, have lived many lives, and all that matters is my mission on Earth. Which is to help people and particularly Autistic and many individuals "labeled" as having disorders who need Light Workers, spread Love Light and Energy to everyone, to guide everyone, to be the bridge between Physical and Spiritual Worlds (Medium), to stay in touch with Mother Earth, to take care of the plants and animals being mistreated, and ultimately To Be The Change I Wish To See In The World.

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Organization/University: e Packers and Movers

Homelessness is a current research interest?:  - No