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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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Cary Brooks   
Maple Heights, OH
Executive Director
Brooks Home of Recovery for Veterans

Role:  Direct Service Provider, Advocate
Area of Work:  Housing, Mental Health, Substance Use, Outreach, Employment, Families, Veterans
Focus of Work:  Local, State

I am a disabled veteran and founder of Brooks Home of Recovery for Veterans that offers a safe and secure environment for homeless veterans. Brooks Home of Recovery for Veterans has a 150 bed residential program that provides counseling for substance abuse, PTSD and other emotional and mental illness. Veterans will reside in this program for about 24 months on a case by case basis. Our program also supplies a 100 bed emergency shelter. Each veteran will be provided job skill training so that they can become self sufficient and have the opportunity to gain adequate housing.

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Organization/University: Brooks Home of Recovery for Veterans

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