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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Image of user Maria Thomas
Maria Thomas   
Atlanta, GA
New FoundMinds

Role:  Consumer, Advocate, Student
Area of Work:  Housing, Mental Health, Employment, Veterans
Focus of Work:  Local

I am an individual with psychiatric disabilities who planned my own reintegration program, which includes earning an Associate’s Degree in Marketing Management and a Certificate in Small Business Management. Additionally, I have earned a diploma in Business Office Technology. At present I am a nontraditional sophomore at Kennesaw State University and my program of study is Human Services and Non-Profit Management. After obtaining my B.S. degree, I will use my skills to open a non- profit organization, New FoundMinds. My plan is to implement a reintegration program using tools from my success and the success of other individuals with psychiatric disabilities to form an organization (New FoundMinds) that returns individuals with psychiatric disabilities including veterans suffering PTSD to the community as productive, sustainable citizens.

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Organization/University: New FoundMinds

Homelessness is a current research interest?:  - Unknown