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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Image of user Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly   
Durham, NC
Certified Peer Support Specialist\ Housing Support
Housing for New Hope

Role:  Consumer Provider
Area of Work:  Outreach
Focus of Work:  Local, State, National

Michael Kelly is a formerly homeless person who with the assistance of Housing for New Hope’s programs has managed to recover his life. Mr. Kelly now works with Housing for New Hope’s PATH Program as an assertive street outreach worker and Certified Peer Support Specialist. Mr. Kelly recently started working as the Housing Support Specialist for Housing for New Hope's OPC PATH Program in Orange County ( Chapel Hill\Carrboro, NC area). Mr. Kelly is also a founding member of the National PATH Consumer Provider Network and a member of the North Carolina Interagency Council for Coordinating Homeless Programs as a consumer advocate. He also is a member of Housing for New Hopes Alumni Association and is on several local boards and committees as a consumer advocate\advisor. Mr. Kelly likes to share his journey with others to help them understand how homelessness really can happen to anyone and has spoken at events in Raleigh, N.C., Durham, N.C., Winston-Salem, N.C., Phoenix, AZ. and in Washington D.C. Feb 2009 he spoke at a Congressional briefing on homelessness with Nan Roman, Terry Allebaugh and others before newly elected officials and their staffers.

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Organization/University: Housing for New Hope

Homelessness is a current research interest?:  - Unknown